How to get a domain name?

The Registrar of Domain Names (RND) of India, a Registrar of Registrar Services (RS), will soon issue instructions to the Indian Registry authorities to register new domains.

The Registrar, RND told The Hindu, will be issuing the instructions on February 26.

In the past, the Registrar of Registrars (RoR) of the country issued instructions to Registrar of Names (RoN) of each state on how to register a domain.

The Registrar of Domains (RDD) of RND, however, will now be issuing instructions to RND Registry authorities on how the RLDs should register new domain names.

The RLD is not yet ready to issue any orders on how RLD Registraries should register the new domains, however the Registrar will issue instructions on this issue on February 27.

The RLD also said that the registrar would provide the domain names in a timely manner.

The new domain name will be registered by the Registrar.

The new domain registrations are the first step to the implementation of the Government’s new Domain Name Registration System (GDRS).

Under the GDRS, domain names will be used for internet connectivity.

In August, the government had made the mandatory provision for domain names to be registered under the Registrar Services and Registration Authority (RRSA) and the Registrar, to ensure that the rights to register the domain name and other domain details are not usurped by the State.

In November last year, the Union Cabinet had recommended a change in the rules for the domain system.

It had proposed the introduction of a single Registrar and a single register.

The government has already asked the RRCA to draft a plan for the roll-out of the new system.

The first roll-outs of the GDNS system will begin from March.

The first 100,000 domain names were registered on November 11, and a total of 12,500,000 are currently registered.

The Government has decided to roll-up domain names from March 2019.

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