When Google starts to make big bets in search, a new challenge

When Google starts to make big bets in search, a new challenge

The search giant has begun offering customers the option to register a domain name using its new Bulk Registration service.

The move is designed to help Google boost its own search engine rankings and boost the number of searches that are delivered to its customers.

Google’s Bulk Registration feature is a major boon for customers who have used its Search Engine Optimization service.

Google announced the service at Google I/O earlier this month.

The move will give consumers the ability to register domain names, and Google has promised it will be able to scale up the feature to allow it to provide the best possible service to its users.

Customers who register using the service will be given access to search rankings for their domain name, as well as to the ability for Google to customize the search results displayed on those search results.

Google said it will not be offering free search results for the domain name until it has collected enough data to determine if users will benefit from the service.

The change is the latest in a string of major announcements from Google in the past week, including the addition of more than 500 million search results and the introduction of the Google Analytics API to Google Webmaster Tools.

In addition, Google announced that it would add more than 150 new products, including a new smartphone app and an Android TV box.