MX domain registration in Mexico: How the MX domain system works

MX domain registration in Mexico: How the MX domain system works

By Eric Johnson | 06/12/2018 08:45:58Mexican authorities have shut down a domain registration service that had previously been used by tens of thousands of people to find out where their MX domains were located.

The country’s government-run National Telecommunications and Information Administration (INTA) has blocked MX domains that were registered to people who didn’t have valid government IDs.

The MX domains, which were not registered by the country’s authorities, were then used by people to register fake identities and obtain government documents, including a passport.

The agency said the registration of MX domains had been suspended as of Tuesday.

MX domains are used to manage the public domain in countries such as Mexico, where the countrys central bank is based, and other parts of Latin America.

A spokeswoman for the INTA said the agency was acting in the national interest and was not attempting to interfere with MX domains.

In March, Mexico shut down its MX domain registry, which had served more than 2 million MX domain holders.

MXs are often used for registration of fake identities.

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