How to register your own domain name in Portugal

How to register your own domain name in Portugal

The official website for the European Commission, the EU’s executive body, has confirmed the news that the country is to be one of the countries that will be eligible for the official registration of a new domain name.

The announcement, which was made by the Commission’s European Commissioner for Digital Economy, Policy and Communication, Giorgio Napolitano, is due to take effect on September 15.

Napolitana said the EU would now take steps to create a European-wide registry of new domain names.

Napoli said that this will enable all EU Member States to register a new number of domains in the same manner as other registered entities, with the aim of increasing the speed and availability of these registrations.

He said this was one of several measures to strengthen the EU-wide domain registration system and ensure a smooth and secure registration process.

He also added that the EU was actively considering whether or not to set up a registry of domain names in Portugal.

According to Napolitane, this is a necessary step to help ensure that registrars in Portugal can comply with the law and register their names quickly and easily, given the large number of domain registrarians operating in the country.

The website also added, however, that this registration process will be open for everyone, with registration for the new domains being available from October 1, 2019.

The new registrations will be free and will be available to registered domain owners in Portugal through the EU.

A lot of new domains are already registered, but this will be the first time that a single domain name can be registered by a single registrar, said Napolitanes website.

This will mean that the new registrations can be used for a wide range of activities including hosting, e-commerce, marketing, and other services.

In fact, there are already several domain names registered by multiple registraries in Portugal, which means that there will be more to come.

The European Commission said that the Registry of Europe will also work closely with local domain registries, such as those operated by the Portugal Association of Internet Registrars (BASI), and will make all necessary efforts to ensure that these registrias are fully compliant with the registration requirements.

However, the commission did not make any further comment on the announcement. 

This article was updated on August 31, 2019 to clarify that Napolitani did not say that this was a free registration process and that it would be open to everyone, but only a free registry, not a registry that only provides free registrations.

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