Why I don’t think you can build an Android app with the new version of Mozambique’s domain registration system

The Mozambican government has decided to end the use of the popular domain registration software, DomainName.com, after more than a decade of controversy.

The decision comes as a major blow to the country’s domain-name service provider Mozambica, which had hoped to continue using the service after a deal was struck with a rival in 2009.

In an online post on Thursday, the Mozambicans Ministry of Culture said the new software would be discontinued in the coming months.

Mozambique was the first country to adopt the OpenDNS protocol in 2003, which was subsequently adopted by other countries, including Australia, the United Kingdom and India.

Since then, the country has seen a steady rise in internet usage, with the average internet user in Mozambica now spending over 7 hours a day online.

Mubarakidze has previously warned of the potential impact of the move on the countrys economy.

“It will be very hard for Mozambia, the number one economy in Africa, to survive without the Mozabian domain,” he said in a 2014 speech.

“The Internet is a very expensive, very reliable, very efficient way of accessing information.

I am confident that we can survive without it.”

Mozabian’s website remains unavailable, although it is still available to download via the Mozamobile app.