Finnish domain registrar ERITEL says it won’t sell its domain name after Brexit

Finnish domain registrar ERITEL says it won’t sell its domain name after Brexit

Finns domain registration agency ERITel has said it will not sell its brand in the United Kingdom after Brexit, citing its “long-standing relationship” with the British government.ERITEL has announced the end of its business with UK-based provider Finnegans UK.

In a statement, ERITL said it had “a long-standing partnership with the UK Government, including on the domain name system, to support a range of government programs”.

The statement added that the Government’s decision to exit the EU “does not necessarily mean the end for our relationship with Finnegan UK, which will continue to operate in accordance with its legal obligations.”

“The company remains committed to its services to support the government, and will continue working with the government in order to achieve this,” ERITE said.

The company said it would also continue to work with the U.K. Government “on its transition into the new world order.”

It said it expected “significant” growth in its business as a result of Brexit.

ERITe’s parent company, the Dutch-based BIL Group, said it was “surprised” by the news.

“This announcement does not mean that Finnegagans will cease to be part of the ERIT network, nor that it will sell its name,” it said in a statement.

ERI was founded in the Netherlands in 2000.

It is the largest registrar in the world, with a network of about 7,000 domains and 2,000 registrars worldwide.

The decision to pull out of ERITele was made after the British Government said it plans to impose a “significant tariff” on imports of British-produced products into the U, with the aim of reducing its trade deficit with the country.

ERICA said it has been working with Finagans to ensure it can continue to do business with the EU.

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