Facebook: ‘A very positive day’ for privacy rights

Facebook: ‘A very positive day’ for privacy rights

By BBC News’ editor Paul DentonThe world’s biggest social media company has released a new privacy policy, saying it will continue to fight for privacy and freedom of expression rights.

Facebook’s new Privacy Policy, released to coincide with the World Wide Web Conference, outlines how it will fight the “digital apartheid” that has been taking place on its platforms, including in the UK and other countries.

The move comes after Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said the company’s privacy policy “is designed to make sure we are clear about how we protect the rights and freedoms we offer our users, including for their online activities”.

“We will continue working to improve our privacy policies for people around the world, so they can protect their personal data, be able to control how their data is used and share it with others,” Sandberg told the BBC’s World at One programme.

In its latest Privacy Policy statement, Facebook says it has “made significant progress” in creating a “world-class digital privacy and data security policy”, but has “not yet achieved full compliance”.

“As part of this effort, we’ve updated our privacy policy to reflect the most recent information available, including a number of recent developments,” Facebook said.

It says it “will continue to monitor developments in the digital economy and make privacy-related decisions on an ongoing basis”.’

Great news’ for online privacy The policy was originally due to be released in November, but was delayed by the Brexit vote.

“We are excited about the privacy policies that we are now seeing coming out in the EU and beyond,” Sandburg told the programme.

“It is great news that the UK has finally agreed to the principles of European Union’s Common Data Protection Regulation (CDPPR), which includes strict requirements for how Facebook will manage its data.”

This is a great step forward for Facebook in terms of transparency and accountability, and we look forward to working with other member states on this issue in the coming years.

“Sandberg said that Facebook’s UK privacy policy was “designed to make Facebook a place where people can be their own boss, where they can control their own data and the way they use it and where they share it”.”

Facebook is committed to protecting our users’ privacy and to protecting the internet as a whole.

We’re taking action today to help make our data more transparent, accountable and secure,” she said.

Privacy ‘very positive day for privacy’Facebook says that it will also work with the UK’s government to “support the government’s approach to tackling digital apartheid” and make sure it is “in line with the laws and values of our country”.”

The UK government has a responsibility to ensure that its privacy laws are strong and enforceable, and will work to ensure our policies are in line with UK law and values,” the statement added.

The UK has been under the control of the Government since May, when a majority of MPs voted to leave the European Union.”

Our privacy policy will ensure that it is in line a number, of privacy laws, including the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Data Protection Directive,” Sandberberg said.”

These policies will be subject to our scrutiny by the UK government, as well as the data protection commissioner in the country in which we operate.”‘

The best place to work’Sandberg added: “We are confident that our privacy practices are in the best place for us and our employees to work, as we continue to strengthen our data-protection and compliance systems.”

Facebook’s privacy statement, which will be released on Thursday, comes amid a major backlash to the UK-based company’s handling of online data.

The company says it will update its privacy policy in the future, and that the changes will only be made to UK-specific policies.”

As we work to create a better and more secure world for everyone, we’re committed to being transparent about what we do and do not do in order to help us keep our customers and partners safe,” the company said.’

Great privacy policy’Sandburg said that “we are extremely proud of our privacy and transparency efforts” at Facebook, adding that the company had always been “dedicated to protecting your data”.”

Our mission is to make the world a better place for everyone.

Our privacy policies will make sure that we’re always clear about what happens with your data, and why, and how we’re going to use it,” she added.

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