Why your company has a privacy policy and why you can’t use it to hide what it’s doing to you

Why your company has a privacy policy and why you can’t use it to hide what it’s doing to you

If you’re looking for a simple way to get rid of unwanted cookies and other tracking technologies, here are the tools you’ll need. 


Disconnect and Uninstall CookiesDisconnect cookies from your site and browser.

You can do this by following these steps on Google or by visiting a web hosting provider: https://www.google.com/webmasters/uninstall-cookies-adopt-cookie-manager/ Disconnect cookies with a simple browser extension, like Disconnect Cookie, for Chrome or Firefox. 


Stop Tracking Your AnalyticsDisconnect tracking from your Google Analytics account. 

If you use Google Analytics, you may need to update your settings to stop tracking. 


Change Tracking Cookies to Non-tracking CookiesDisallow tracking cookies from other services like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter. 

For example, you can change your cookie preferences in Google Analytics from “track all” to “allow non-tracking cookies.” 


Delete Tracking CookiesDisclose the information you’ve set in Google Privacy and Security. 


Remove Tracking Cookies from Google AnalyticsDisclose all the cookies you’ve configured in Google’s analytics dashboard. 


Hide Tracking Cookies on Google AnalyticsRemove all cookies from Google analytics. 


Disable Google Analytics TrackingDisallow Google Analytics tracking from any of your Google services, including Gmail, Google Maps, Google Play, Google Calendar, and Google Analytics. 


Set Google Analytics to NeverTrackDisallow any Google Analytics requests that track your online activity or information. 


Turn Off Google Analytics CookiesDisables Google Analytics cookies for all your Google accounts. 


Show the Google Analytics URL Displays the Google analytics URL. 


Use a Google Analytics API or Google Analytics Add-on to Display Analytics API DataDisplays the data collected by Google Analytics using Google Analytics APIs. 


Enable and Use Google Analytics AdSense to Display AdSense DataDisables the Google AdSense advertising platform to display Google Analytics ad data. 


Automatically Disconnect Analytics from GoogleAnalytics.comDisables all Google Analytics services that collect or display data collected from Google. 


Install Google Analytics Analyzer and GoogleAnalyticAdsDisables use of Google Analytics Analytics AdWords campaigns, including Google Analytics ads. 


Display Analytics Ads to Google Analytics UsersDisables tracking and ad targeting for Google Analytics users. 


Optimize Google Analytics with AdSenseDisables advertising campaigns that use Google analytics for display. 


Replace Google Analytics Advertising with a Custom AdViewDisables ads from a custom AdView service for display only. 


Perform a Custom CampaignDisables campaign ads that use a custom Google Analytics campaign for display, including ads that have been modified or removed from Google Ads. 


Allow Advertisers to Link to Your Analytics DataDisallows ads from any advertiser that wants to link to your analytics data.

This can help advertisers with targeted ads or in-app ads. 


View All Analytics Data from GoogleDisplays all your Analytics data in Google.


Track Data in GoogleAnalysts.comThe Google Analytics privacy policy can be found in the Google Developer portal. 

Google also provides tools to track user data.

If you want to learn more about privacy on Google, see our privacy guide: https://developer.google-analytics.org/privacy/index.html To view the full Privacy Policy, see Google’s Privacy Policy FAQ: Privacy Policy FAQ  22. 

Privacy SettingsDisplays your privacy settings.


Add New Analytics Settings Displays all settings for your Analytics dashboard.


Clear Data for Analytics Displays your data for analytics purposes.


Mark as Unread Displays a message to the user telling them that data has been read.


No Ads Displays no ads on the Analytics dashboard unless explicitly enabled by the user.


Ads Only Displays ads for analytics users.


Cancel Ad Campaign Displays an unsubscribe message to a user.

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