How to register domain names with iinet and OpenDNS in India

How to register domain names with iinet and OpenDNS in India

The domain name registry (DNS) for the Indian internet has become a new hot-topic in the domain name market.

It has seen a sharp surge in registrations as people in the country move to use online services such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to find their domain names, according to the Registrar of the Internet Registry (RiNoi).

The company is one of the top DNS providers in India, with an impressive roster of over 1,000 domain names that includes the likes of Google, Facebook, Yahoo and other giants.

RiNi is a subsidiary of the National Institute of Domain Names and Trademarks (NIDOT), a non-profit organisation established in 2005 to regulate the internet in India.

Ridiculously, its registration has seen registrations soar in recent years.

According to a report by Bloomberg Businessweek, domain registration rose by 5,000 per cent in 2017 from the previous year, and by 10,000 in 2018.

The increase was driven by a surge in Indian internet users looking for a domain name to use.

The RIDOT’s website, which lists the registrar’s name, is a little confusing.

It states that a domain registration has to be done online and requires at least a domain and a link to a website.

The website for the Registrar Of The Internet Registry says, “The registrar will send a completed registration form to the e-mail address provided.

The form must be in English and have the word registration at the bottom.”

It also says the form must include your IP address, your website, a contact phone number and the date of the registration.

However, if you go by the instructions on the website, the registration form is only for online users.

The registration form for a registered domain will require you to fill in an online form, and you will receive a confirmation email that says the registration was successfully completed.

The ROTI website also states that if the domain is registered online, you can add a link and it will take you to a webpage.

The company said it received about 3,000 registrations in 2017.

But as of August, there were about 2,000 registered domains in the registry.

RIDot did not respond to multiple requests for comment.RIDot’s domain name registration is being done through a consortium of companies that include ICICI, ICICIS, ICIS, and Digital Ocean.

ICICI owns domain names like iinet, icise, iciss, icn, icse, icis, icw, icz, icb, icc, icd, ick, icm, icp, icq, ics, ict, icu, icv, icx, icys, icy, iczb, icj, icl, icr, icwk, icza, iczi, iczn, icwt, icww, icyx, iczu, iinet.

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