Which Finnish domain names are worth $2 million?

Which Finnish domain names are worth $2 million?

Who would pay $2m for a Finnish domain name?

That is the question that has prompted the Finnish domain registrar, Lippo, to offer a list of names worth $1m, ranging from a tiny, family-owned farmhouse to the mighty Finnish Air Force.

Lippo is offering the names for the first time in a bid to attract more names to its registry.

“The Lippos of the world are more than a name,” the registrar said in a statement.

“They are people.”

In a bid for more naming power, the registrars is also offering the most popular domains in the world, and it wants to attract new names.

The most popular names on the list are from countries such as China, India, Japan, South Korea and South Africa.

“In the past decade, a huge number of Finnish names have been registered to names such as ‘Air Force’, ‘Dirt’ and ‘Sea’.”

But the main problem with these names is that they don’t really reflect the actual personality of the country, and the country needs to be represented with a name that reflects that,” Lippowo registrar Michael Lindner said.”

Lippowos are people with a strong sense of identity, and we have to make them a reality.

So this list is not only for us, but for all the people in the Lipponen family.

“The list is being released as part of a series of new initiatives to attract people to register new names and register new companies.

Lispo also wants to provide information to potential names purchasers about the names and how they will work.

Lipko says the name registry is one of the few remaining traditional names in the country.”

We are happy to help you and we can be reachable in any way we can.”

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