Bluehost, a domain registration service, gets a $3.2bn deal

Bluehost, a domain registration service, gets a $3.2bn deal

By Steve B. source BusinessInsider (UK), October 25, 2018 14:11:11By Steve B.:The acquisition of BlueHost was announced this morning, as the company announced it had received $3 billion in new funding, led by a $1.25bn investment from a consortium led by Goldman Sachs.

The deal comes after the company had raised $10.6 billion in a Series B round in 2016, a deal that was subsequently completed.

The BlueHost deal includes an additional $1 billion in cash, with additional $400 million in additional financing, according to a press release.

It also includes BlueHost’s technology for handling multi-tenant domain registration.

The company is expected to add additional technology to handle the registration of domain names in the future.

The announcement of the acquisition comes after BlueHost raised $1bn in a funding round earlier this year.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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