What are the new registration rules for domains in Ukraine?

What are the new registration rules for domains in Ukraine?

Domain registration rules in Ukraine are in place to prevent the spread of the so-called “Russian roulette” virus.

The new regime in Ukraine is designed to stop the spread and abuse of the “Russian Roulette” infection, which is linked to a large number of infections across the world.

The virus was first identified in the Ukraine in April and has spread rapidly across Europe, Russia and elsewhere.

Ukrainian authorities say the rules will prevent the virus from spreading and it will not be tolerated in the country.

The country’s Information Minister has said the rules are needed to keep the country safe from the spread.

“We have to do this.

We have to be vigilant.

And we have to have an effective process to make sure we are doing everything to ensure that our citizens are not infected,” Mr Mladenov told RFE/RL’s Ukrainian Service.

Ukrainians are currently being told to register their domains with the state, which will also allow the country to track the infections.

Ukraine’s new regime says the registration process will last four months.

The country has also introduced a new system to register domain names for Ukraine.

On Thursday, the registrar of a domain registered in Ukraine, UkrDNS, said it will issue new registrations for domains on the new system, which it says will make it easier for citizens to track their domain’s location.

RFE/rferl Ukraine Service – Ukraine Domain Registry UkrDns is an online registry for the Ukrainian domain name system.

UkrSNSNS, the registry for domain names registered in Belarus, is also planning to launch its own system to allow users to track and control the registration of their domains.

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