What to Know About The U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s New Domain Registration Law

What to Know About The U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s New Domain Registration Law

Domain registration is the process by which individuals can register a domain name.

Companies that want to register their names and brand names have to apply to the government, but it’s not mandatory.

The new Federal Trade Commision law requires domain registration and allows a third-party to register domain names.

Under the law, the government can only apply for the domain name once and has no authority to take it away.

The law requires the government to publish and maintain a website and website registration form for every domain name it has.

The form also requires the registrant to provide a list of the domain names that they want to keep, and how they plan to pay for the name.

The FTC said that it has been using the website and registration form to keep track of more than 40,000 domain names since it began using it in April.

It said it is also working on creating an online tool that will help consumers find a domain registration company that offers registration for their domain names without paying a fee.

The company is not required to register the domain before it registers the name, but the person must provide information about the person and the company to the FTC.

The website includes a link to the Federal Trade Court website, where consumers can file a complaint or file a claim.

The website has a link for consumers to file a lawsuit against a company, and consumers can check the website for court records and other information.

The site also includes a disclaimer that says that “this website is not intended to be a substitute for legal advice.”

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