Russian domain registrars get Russia domain registration from China, EU

Russian domain registrars get Russia domain registration from China, EU

RUSSIA – Domain registration authorities in Russia have got the domain name registration rights from a subsidiary of the Chinese government.

The Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation has handed over the domain registration rights to ICANN, the global network that oversees the global registration of the internet, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.ICANN is the organization that oversees all domain names.

ICANN is owned by Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia said in the statement that ICANN had given the Russian authorities access to the registration of domains owned by Chinese companies in accordance with international standards.

The ICANN-China relations website did not immediately return a message from ABC News.ICANCENetwork said the ICANN registration is the result of an agreement reached in December, when ICANN and China signed an agreement to transfer their domain registration system to China.ICANA, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, is a group of registraries, Internet service providers, and domain name service providers that are tasked with managing the Internet.

It also provides the registry with domain names for each member state of the Internet Alliance, a global group of Internet service companies that oversees domain names worldwide.ICAN, which was established in 2005, was formed to ensure that Internet domains are assigned by an organization outside of the United States.

ICANA and other registrers are responsible for protecting the integrity of the registration system.

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