‘Mystery’ man in Thailand’s internet is using an alias to gain access to domain registrars

‘Mystery’ man in Thailand’s internet is using an alias to gain access to domain registrars

Thais use the Internet as a way to communicate, but that anonymity has become a problem in recent years, when users of the country’s national domain are being harassed online and accused of spying and stealing.

One of the largest domain registries, GoDaddy, had to shut down its websites last year after the government blocked access to a number of its websites.

Now, a mysterious man using the alias “Rohit” has been able to gain domain access in Thailand, according to the countrys government.

The name Rohit Rohit was registered in March 2017 on the Internet Domain Registry Authority of Thailand (IDTA), a governmental agency in Thailand.

The IDTA had refused to provide information about the man’s identity, citing the law that requires information about people to be made public.

The government has since made Rohit a public persona, making it easier for him to gain internet access.

The identity of the man, who has used the same pseudonym in the past, has also come under scrutiny by some bloggers and other users.

One user, “Phoebe”, who goes by the handle “Evelyn”, posted a screenshot of the identity page on her blog on Monday.

The post says that “Evan” used to be an administrator at IDTA but that he has since switched his username and password to “Rihrit.”

She also posted an interview with the IDTA that revealed that he had “made several trips” to Thailand and had visited several registries.

She did not identify him.

“We do not know the identity of him,” IDTA Director-General Latha Chakraborty told Reuters.

“The identity has to be verified through the registration documents.”

The IDTAs website also lists the following names, addresses and phone numbers for people who have registered their domains:Rohito RohitRohITRihit RohitKathy S.M. Phayal, Director- General, IDTAPhoepea K.D. Sondh, Director, IDTAContestIDTA, Inc.

Agency for the Protection of Intellectual Property (IPIP) and Internet Domain Registries (IPDRS) in Thailand issued a statement saying that it is aware of the incident and will be closely monitoring the situation.

The ministry has asked the IDTAS to provide a list of registered domains and to make public information about who has registered them.

The government also said that the IDTB has requested the IDTs to verify who is Rohit and the identity for verification purposes.

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