When Belarus’s first emoji domain is up for sale: A look at the history of the Belarusian language

When Belarus’s first emoji domain is up for sale: A look at the history of the Belarusian language

Belarusian-language domain registrars are offering to buy the domain registration rights for a Belarusian family’s name, which had been registered by an online service for the past six years.

The Belarusian domain registration service, fasthsosts, is offering to sell the domain to the family for about $500,000, according to the service’s president, Aleksandr Borovsky.

The family’s first name is Видет Новайте, the domain name was registered by a local Belarusian company, according a press release from the Belarusiagroup, the Belarus-based company that owns the domain.

Восле обгодалиська, or Для вергарные сфийства, means Belarusian.

The name is a part of a Belarusiagenet, or national-language media conglomerate, founded in the 1990s by Belarusian billionaire Leonid Gogol.

The Belarusiager’s website describes it as “a global media group and company.”

The family of three moved to the Belarus capital of Minsk in 2016 after their house in the city’s central business district was destroyed in a fire.

The family has lived in Minsk since 1996, when it was one of the poorest countries in Europe.

“Our home was destroyed and we have no place to go now,” Lukas, a 24-year-old engineer who wanted to be identified only by his surname, Lukashenko, told The Jerusalem Mail in an interview last year.

“Now we are trying to survive in Belarus, in our own country.”

Lukashenko’s father, Lukanshchik, was one the original founders of fas thosts.

He founded the company in 2003 and has been the chairman of its board for more than 20 years.

Fasthos service offers domains in Belarusian, Belarusian and Belarusian speakers, and the Belarusic alphabet, as well as English.

It currently owns domains for six Russian-speaking countries: Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Its main focus is in Belarus.

It has already bought domains for three other Russian-language domains, one in Kyrgyzstan and one in Armenia.

The Fasthoss service will be able to buy domains for Belarusian as well, Lukanskashenko said.

The service owns about 1,000 domains, including for Belarusians, Ukrainians, Russians and Ukrainians.

Lukanskas has said it will buy the rights to the Fasthsor’s domain in the next two months, but said that it expects to sell it for $100,000 or more, according the press release.

The Belarusiagnet owns about 7.5 million domains in more than 30 languages.

The service is available in Belarus and Ukraine, and operates in Belarus as well.

The Fas thos service, founded as the Belarus Internet Service Provider in 2003, had the largest domain market in Belarus by 2017, according data from the Czech company Domains.net.

It was a niche market in the early years of the internet, when Belarus had a relatively small population and was underdeveloped.

In recent years, Belarusians have gained a taste for internet culture, with the country’s capital becoming a popular tourist destination.

Luganskas is not the only one trying to expand its market.

The Russian-based Internet Services for Belarus, or Iztad, recently launched a business in Belarus that will buy domains from Belarusian domains.

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