How to register a domain name in China, hostmonster

How to register a domain name in China, hostmonster

Registration for domain names in China is still in its early stages, but hostmonster, one of the country’s largest domain registration services, has announced it will soon be expanding its operations to include other countries.

Hostmonster is the domain name registration company behind the Domain Name System, a system that allows domain names to be registered in several different countries around the world.

The company recently began using China as a new location for its business in a bid to expand its reach and market.

China is the second largest market for hosting in the world, with over 100 million registered domains in the country, according to the International Association of Domain Name Registrars.

HostMonster CEO James Clements said in a statement that he hopes to reach out to other countries in the near future, and that it will also work with other hosting services.

The company has already registered a handful of new domains in Europe, but the majority of its customers are in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, Clements told CBS News.

The Chinese company has launched its own website for hosting services and said it plans to launch a new service in the coming months.

HostMonster will also soon be offering services for international customers, including one that will allow them to register their domain names at home in the US.