Why Google is blocking access to #DumbandDumber game domain name registration

Why Google is blocking access to #DumbandDumber game domain name registration

Google announced on Monday that it is blocking the registration of domain names belonging to the #DumberandDumb #DUMBO games.

The move comes amid an ongoing legal battle between the creators of the games and Google over copyright infringement.

In September, the companies announced a $2.8 million settlement, with the US and Canada agreeing to pay a total of $7.9 million.

Google has been accused of blocking access for other popular domains and has also been accused by Microsoft of blocking some of its Xbox One titles.

A Microsoft spokesperson told Ars on Monday: The company has blocked domains that contain copyrighted content from being registered.

Google’s move, according to the company, comes after Microsoft began blocking the domain registration of domains owned by Google and several others.

In a statement, Google’s director of public policy and community affairs, Daniel Weitz, said the company has “fought tirelessly to prevent domain name registrars from taking steps to block infringing domain names.”

Weitz added that the company is “actively monitoring” Google’s “aggressive efforts” to block the registrations.

In November, Google blocked the domain name ryder.com, which contained copyrighted content that was also owned by Warner Bros. Warner Bros., a subsidiary of Time Warner, did not immediately respond to Ars’ request for comment on the Google’s decision to block domain names related to the games.

Google is not the only tech company to block domains linked to video games.

Earlier this month, Microsoft blocked the registration for video game domain domain domain name, rydest.com.

The company said it was following the example of companies like YouTube and Twitch, which have also blocked the registrations of domains related to video game games.

Ars’ investigation found that a number of other domains related a number, if not all, of the major video game franchises were blocked by Microsoft.

The domain names blocked by Google include ryst.com and dsz.com for Call of Duty, Gears of War, Halo, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, and The Legend and Monsters series of video games respectively.

Ars has contacted Google for comment.

Ars reported earlier this month on a number attempts by the company to make it harder for its competitors to register their domains with Google.

In response to Ars, Google released a statement in November stating: “We don’t censor domain names.

However, we block domains based on terms and conditions of registration.

For example, domains registered by YouTube or Twitch must be hosted on YouTube or hosted on a third-party server.

As such, we cannot guarantee that any domain name will remain online after a block is lifted.

Google will continue to monitor our domains to ensure that they are compliant with these terms.”

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