How to register your domain name in Ukraine’s Domain Name System

How to register your domain name in Ukraine’s Domain Name System

The Ukrainian government has launched a domain name registration service, the country’s Domain Registry Services Agency, or DRA, said on Thursday.

The agency said it had been tasked with registering a total of 7.5 million domains and that the agency is aiming to launch the service in mid-April.

The registration service will also allow registered entities to set up websites in the country, the agency said in a statement.

The agency also said the registration process will be free of charge.

The government launched the service last week, in response to a series of controversial moves by Ukraine’s new president, Petro Poroshenko, including his decision to seize the presidential mansion in Kyiv and hold a referendum on May 9 on whether to join the European Union.

The move has also angered many in Ukraine, who accuse the government of using the referendum as an excuse to seize control of the country and push for further economic sanctions.

The country has a long history of being a repository for political power, but its current crisis has led to some of the worst abuses of power in the region in recent years.

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