What you need to know about new data center privacy rules from the Federal Trade Commission

What you need to know about new data center privacy rules from the Federal Trade Commission

article Microsoft and Google announced Thursday that they will soon start enforcing new data-center privacy rules in the US, starting on July 1.

The rules, which were originally announced last year, will require that companies that sell cloud services use encryption keys for storing user data, and require that customers of data centers in the United States notify law enforcement when data is moved from one location to another.

The company said it is also working to change its security practices in response to new data breaches.

The new rules, Microsoft said in a blog post, “will ensure that companies cannot circumvent security measures by circumventing security measures, such as encryption keys.”

The new measures are designed to ensure that all customers who use cloud services, including Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Google Drive, and other services, have the security and privacy controls they need to protect their data.

They come after a wave of breaches at data centers around the world, including one that exposed personal information from about 75 million users.

Microsoft and the other major cloud providers said they were looking to work together to develop “a unified privacy standard” to make sure customers are fully aware of how data is stored and how to protect it.

But privacy advocates said the rules were an attempt by the US government to take control of the cloud space.

“This is not a security standard,” said Josh Ritter, policy director at Open Rights Group.

“The cloud is not an open space.

It’s a closed space, and companies need to keep it that way.”

The rules require that a company use encryption for data-storage and communications and that customers notify law enforcements if data is transferred to or from the data center.

Privacy advocates have long been concerned that companies can access users’ data without their knowledge.

The FTC said in its announcement that the new privacy rules “do not create a safe harbor for companies that fail to provide adequate notice when data that is stored in the cloud is compromised.”

The FTC also said that companies must give customers “a means of access” to their data and provide “appropriate notice” to law enforcement.

“They cannot hide behind a blanket blanket statement of privacy, but they can make clear that they are using strong encryption and require notice to law-enforcement when data are being transferred to a data center,” the agency said.

Microsoft did not immediately respond to Ars’ request for comment.

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