How to make your site ‘viral’ and reach the masses

How to make your site ‘viral’ and reach the masses

A year ago, the site’s moderators took action against several users for posting content that they felt was offensive or abusive.

Now, they’ve added some additional safeguards that should make your content more appealing to the right people.

As it stands now, content is banned on Reddit unless it’s specifically approved by a moderator.

Moderators can then choose to allow posts that meet a number of criteria, such as being “safe for work,” or being “consistent with community standards.”

But this hasn’t stopped users from using other sites as a safe haven.

They’re free to do so on Reddit, and the site is currently allowing them to make their posts visible to the community.

Reddit moderators say they’re making the process of allowing people to make content more transparent so that moderators are able to decide what’s “consistently good for the subreddit,” and also because the site has “an obligation to enforce its rules.”

Reddit says that “more transparent” means allowing the user to choose the criteria that moderators want to check.

The site says that it will also add a new section to the sidebar called “Advertising Policy,” which will give users more information about the guidelines that moderators will be checking for.

Reddit is currently only allowing posts with up to a few thousand upvotes to be posted, so it’s unclear if it’ll extend that to the millions of comments on the site.

We’re sure that it’ll be interesting to see what Reddit decides to add in the future.

Featured image credit: Wikimedia Commons