Belarus domain registration and transfer, registration rights

Belarus domain registration and transfer, registration rights

Belarus domain registrations and transfer rights are in limbo following a recent announcement by the Belarusian government that it intends to change the countrys registry system.

The move has prompted some experts to warn that Belarus will become the new Ukraine.

“It is highly unlikely that Belarus would have to do this.

Belarus will have the option to move to a new registry, but there will be no change in the existing ones,” said Alexander Likhvash, a researcher at the Cybercrime Research Center in Moscow.

Likhvak also said that Belarus is the only country in the world that does not have an effective registration system, and the country will not get rid of it.

“This could mean Belarus will be the new Kiev, as we don’t have an official registry and no one is using the system to register companies, enterprises, and so on,” he said.

Likhdvash also said Belarusian lawmakers are preparing to pass a bill to legalize registration and registry rights for entities outside the country.

MOSCOW, April 18 (RIA Novosti) – Belarusian legislators are preparing a bill that would legalize registration of entities outside of the country, the state news agency BTA reported on Tuesday.

Lakhvash added that the new bill would also allow Belarus to transfer domain registrations to other registries and to transfer the registration rights to foreign companies.

Belarus has previously used its registry to register entities that operate abroad.

The Belarusian parliament also passed a law on Tuesday that will allow Belarusian authorities to seize the domains of foreign companies that do business in Belarus, the Belarus Business News Agency reported.

The legislation will apply to all companies and individuals that do not register in Belarus but that operate in Belarus and that want to operate in a third country.

It also extends the registration of foreign firms to Belarusian citizens.

The law will not apply to entities registered abroad.

The new law will be considered as a temporary measure to strengthen the Belarus government’s sovereignty and control over the country’s economic, financial, and cultural activities.

The new law also establishes a new procedure for the registration and administration of companies in Belarus.

On April 15, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko signed the new legislation, the country reported.