‘I don’t have a security clearance’ – Hackers threaten to kill US blogger – The Guardian

‘I don’t have a security clearance’ – Hackers threaten to kill US blogger – The Guardian

Posted April 06, 2019 11:50:24A hacker group claiming to be linked to Anonymous said it will target US blogger Matt Taibbi if the former journalist does not remove his online persona.

Taibbi has been targeted for months, with several high-profile hacks and online threats against his personal information, including photos, emails and even videos.

Anonymous threatened to release photos of Taibbias face, and to destroy his personal computer if he does not change his identity and personal information.

“We are coming for you Matt Taibi,” the group said in a video posted on Twitter on Monday.

“We know you’re the most famous and influential blogger in the world.

You’re not a hacker.

We know who you are.”

Taibbies lawyer, John Krakauer, told ABC News that the threats were unfounded.

“I don of course have a clearance to do this.

I have no security clearance.

But I can tell you I have a lot of respect for Matt Taiba,” Mr Krakauf said.

The group also threatened to hack Taibbas bank account, a bank he has used for more than a decade, and said he should leave the US.

On Monday, Taibbeh said the threat was bogus and he was confident the group would not carry out the attack.

“If they think I am a threat to them, they’re wrong,” Taibban said.

“The people who threatened me are the people who are most likely to be able to find me.

They’ve never been able to do that.””

The only thing they’ve ever done is target me because I’m famous and because I write about things they disagree with.”

In a statement, Taibi said: “The hackers who are threatening my life and livelihood are making a mockery of a free society and a free press.

Their threats are beyond laughable.””

It is a total misunderstanding of who I am and what I do,” Taiba said. “I don