2nd time in a row the world’s most populous country has lost its top-ranked domain name

2nd time in a row the world’s most populous country has lost its top-ranked domain name

The world’s largest country with a population of 1.6 billion is now the most populous with 2nd place for domain name registrations.

The United Arab Emirates has lost the title to the Netherlands.

New Zealand’s position dropped from 4th place last year to 2nd last year, and France dropped from 2nd to 5th last year. 

The World Wide Web, which is also a domain name, is still a major business for many countries and countries have a very wide range of business models.

The Netherlands and France both have their own websites and the United States has a number of online retailers and online retailers like Amazon, Amazon.com, and Barnes & Noble, among others.

The US has more than 10,000 websites and is one of the most successful markets for online commerce. 

For domain names, the world is still divided on which is the most popular.

New York, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, and Germany are the most widely used domains.

The U.S. is currently ranked 4th on the list with 4,000 domains, according to Domain Name System. 

While the United Arab Emirate has lost one of its top domains, Qatar, the number of domains is still growing, and there are more domains than countries on the rankings.

France dropped to 2,000 from 3,000 and the Netherlands dropped to 3,500 from 4,500. 

New Zealand is the only country on the global top 10 with no domain names. 

In 2018, New Zealand ranked #6 in the world with a net value of $6.5 billion. 

Source: Forbes, New York Times, The New York Post, Getty Images, GettyImages, Getty, CNN

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