Microsoft launches new cloud-based hosting service with partners

Microsoft launches new cloud-based hosting service with partners

Microsoft is launching a new cloud hosting service for companies that want to host their applications, videos, and images on Microsoft Azure.

The new service, Cloudflare, will offer hosting for both personal and business use.

Cloudflares service is available for free to companies, but costs $15 per month to users who have paid for the Azure hosting service.

CloudFlare also offers a number of different services, including support and monitoring, and a number more.

Microsoft says the new service is designed for companies with small or medium-sized businesses.

Microsoft announced Cloudflas service last month.

The company says it will launch the new Cloudflared service on Tuesday, September 17th.

For those that want the full functionality of Cloudflarens cloud hosting, Microsoft says they can sign up to a free trial for six months.

The price is $15 a month.

CloudFLare will allow customers to host up to 1.6 gigabytes of storage, and allow them to create new users and create their own profiles.

Cloud Flares service will also include a number enterprise features, including group-based collaboration, support for video, audio, and music playback, and security.

Microsoft also has a number other cloud-hosting features, like support for remote file servers and secure storage.

Cloud Hosting has been around for a while, but Microsoft’s announcement makes it the first time a company has launched a new service for it.

Microsoft will offer the Cloudflaring service through Microsoft Azure, and it will be available on Windows Azure, Windows Server, and the cloud, according to the company.

Microsoft’s Cloudflase service will be the first of its kind.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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